Medication will work

The epidemiologist Jay Olshansky is one of them. Although he does not know exactly how the medication will work, he hopes to stop the aging process so that a person will take 70 years to reach 50 Alvera Tone Review, or 80 to reach 60, and so on, says Olshansky, a professor at SEMANA.

The University of Chicago and founder and scientific director of the firm Lapetus Solutions. In other words, it would work in the same way as it happens naturally in the organism of centenarians like Gill: Basically slowing down biological time, he says.

This work has led Olshansky, 64, to ask a more philosophical question: if he had the option of taking that pill to stop biological time, at what point in life would he do it? In other words Alvera Tone Review, Olshansky wants to know at what age it would be ideal to freeze time.

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