Eliminate the eggs of parasites

On the other hand, Carlos Revolle, infectious disease physician at Hospital Sabogal de EsSalud explains the differences between viruses, bacteria and parasites Detoxic Review, microorganisms with variable characteristics. Viruses are non-living outside, they can only replicate when they are in the host because they need their genetic material to develop.

On the other hand, bacteria are univelular organisms that can live outside the host and cause infections. In the case of parasites, they are variable, multicellular organisms, such as tapeworms or those that inhabit the intestinal flora.

Among the cleaning methods most used to eliminate microorganisms, water with bleach is the best known. However, it is inefficient to eliminate the eggs of parasites Detoxic Review. The reason? This substance only eliminates living beings, a condition that is not present in eggs without hatching.

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