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Medication will work

The epidemiologist Jay Olshansky is one of them. Although he does not know exactly how the medication will work, he hopes to stop the aging process so that a person will take 70 years to reach 50 Alvera Tone Review, or 80 to reach 60, and so on, says Olshansky, a professor at SEMANA.

The University of Chicago and founder and scientific director of the firm Lapetus Solutions. In other words, it would work in the same way as it happens naturally in the organism of centenarians like Gill: Basically slowing down biological time, he says.

This work has led Olshansky, 64, to ask a more philosophical question: if he had the option of taking that pill to stop biological time, at what point in life would he do it? In other words Alvera Tone Review, Olshansky wants to know at what age it would be ideal to freeze time.

Eliminate the eggs of parasites

On the other hand, Carlos Revolle, infectious disease physician at Hospital Sabogal de EsSalud explains the differences between viruses, bacteria and parasites Detoxic Review, microorganisms with variable characteristics. Viruses are non-living outside, they can only replicate when they are in the host because they need their genetic material to develop.

On the other hand, bacteria are univelular organisms that can live outside the host and cause infections. In the case of parasites, they are variable, multicellular organisms, such as tapeworms or those that inhabit the intestinal flora.

Among the cleaning methods most used to eliminate microorganisms, water with bleach is the best known. However, it is inefficient to eliminate the eggs of parasites Detoxic Review. The reason? This substance only eliminates living beings, a condition that is not present in eggs without hatching.

Remember that pinworms

Call the pediatrician if your child complains that the anal area is itchy or if the anal and / or vaginal area is often scratched Detoxant Review.

Also, consider the possibility that your child may have intestinal worms if he has trouble falling asleep or begins to wet the bed. (Pinworms can irritate the urethra Detoxant Review, the channel through which urine leaves the body from the bladder, which can be associated with wetting the bed while sleeping).

Remember that pinworms are quite frequent in children and that they are not harmful. Taking the proper medication and following the previous preventive measures, will get rid of the worms seen and not seen.

Teeth simultaneously

In this service there will be no recommendation, explicit or implicit, about drugs, techniques, products, etc … that will be cited only for informative purposes Denta Seal Review.

Teeth whitening by photoactivation allows to achieve a rinse of between 4 and 10 tones in a single session of 45 minutes. However, it must be performed in the dentist’s office, since it is essential to isolate the soft tissues from the mouth before proceeding to the activation of the hydrogen peroxide gel (Denta Seal Review) by means of a cold light source.

An added value, in this case, is that photoactivation is performed on all teeth simultaneously and not tooth by tooth, as is the case with kits that are sold to perform whitening at home, without the intervention or supervision of a professional .

Joint discomfort

Joint discomfort is a type of symptom which makes the daily existence of numerous people difficult. Discomfort in knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, etc., by means of punctures, acute discomfort, stiffness and inflammation, allow it to be impossible to handle many activities and may affect such key elements in the caliber of existence, for example sleep and also the fact of getting a great rest.

Among the elements you need to know to understand how to reduce joint discomfort are its causes Flekosteel Review. The spokesperson from the Spanish Society of Rheumatology (SER) and rheumatologist from the College Hospital of Bellvitge, in Barcelona, ??Montserrat Romera, explains the joint discomfort could be of mechanical or inflammatory characteristics.

Based on the specialist, “when joint discomfort is of mechanical characteristics, it’s known as function, since it increases with movements and efforts, and improves with rest.” This kind of joint discomfort, explains Romera, “is sign of degenerative processes, for example osteo arthritis”.

Once the discomfort, however, is of inflammatory characteristics, the expert affirms that “it doesn’t improve with rest and it is usually supported by swelling and redness from the joints Flekosteel“. These signs and symptoms are sign of inflammatory rheumatic illnesses, for example rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.