Aging delay

On the occasion of the celebration of the XVI Congress of the Spanish Society of Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine (SEMAL), EFEsalud spoke with Ángel Durántez, member of this society, to know the situation and the peculiarities of precision medicine applied to the aging delay AmbroSina, a moment of life that stalks all people, but that is not considered a disease.

As the doctor says, the main objective of this precision medicine is to detect any pathology in its silent or subclinical phase, which is between 5 and 20 years before its first symptom, when it can still be prevented.

Aging is inherent and causes diseases that will lead us to suffer a third of our lives and die, but can be prevented many years before. Since it is caused by the diseases that trigger the deterioration AmbroSina, the doctor believes that preventing them is to stop this process even if the cells continue to age.

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